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Messenger Summary
Lois Lowry

Everything you need to understand or teach Messenger by Lois Lowry.

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Messenger Summary

Plot Summary

Young Matty is struggling to understand his strange and mysterious gift of healing powers just as the altruistic society he lives in begins to experience disharmony. A growing group of citizens demands to close its borders. At the same time, the Forest that once welcomed Matty now darkens and thickens to prevent passage. When Matty's caregiver, Seer, enlists Matty's help to travel through the Forest and return with Seer's daughter before the border closure, Matty must call upon all of his courage to journey through increasingly dangerous Forest.

Matty was once a young troublemaker from a broken home and once referred to himself as Fiercest of the Fierce. After arriving at Village, the community cared for Matty. Now a boy on the verge of adulthood, Matty lives with a blind man called Seer. Matty assists Seer with cooking and caring for the house. Seer considers Matty a son...

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Messenger Lesson Plans contain 117 pages of teaching material, including:

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