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Mesopotamian Religions This entry consists of the following articles: An Overview [first Edition] An Overview [further Considerations] History of Study Read more
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Ancient Science. The seeds of modern science are evident in the scholarly pursuits of ancient Mesopotamia; however, what modern people think of as "science" was not a concept that the Mesopotamians wo... Read more
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History. Mesopotamian civilization existed for more than three millennia. The religious system founded by the Sumerians at the end of the fourth millennium B.C.E. continued for more than a thousand ye... Read more
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Location and Lifestyle. Between circa 3300 and 331 B.C.E. many ethno-linguistic groups lived both contemporaneously and successively across the length and breadth of Mesopotamia. Despite ethnic variat... Read more
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Mesopotamian Culture. In its broadest definition, Mesopotamia encompasses an enormous area from the shores of the Persian Gulf north along the alluvial plain dissected by the Tigris and Euphrates Rive... Read more
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The Priest-King. Urbanism began in Mesopotamia at the end of the fourth millennium B.C.E. At Uruk, the largest city in Mesopotamia, two great temples dominated the region. It has been proposed that th... Read more
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First Cities. Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq) was the setting for humankind's earliest complex civilization. Among the many ways by which social scientists measure civilization are the presence of politica... Read more
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Communication and Locomotion. Communication and locomotion are two basic functions common to virtually all living creatures. Communication refers to the various ways in which organisms convey informat... Read more
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Visual Arts and Architecture. The surviving artworks of Mesopotamia relate largely to royalty, especially the male ruler, or to wealthier members of the community. These elements of Mesopotamian cultu... Read more
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The Origins of Agriculture. The great ice sheets that covered much of the northern hemisphere for more than one hundred thousand years during the last Ice Age reached their greatest extent about twent... Read more