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Memory, Effects of Drugs On Research investigating the effects on memory of ALCOHOL (ethanol) and drugs of abuse is disproportionally small in relation to the widespread use of these substances worldw... Read more
3,949 words, approx. 14 pages
Memorization MEMORIZATION, as the act of storing information in the memory, is distinguished by the fact that it can be either mechanical or deliberate. It is through practice and imitation, through t... Read more
2,153 words, approx. 8 pages
Individual Differences in Learning and Memory Individual differences in learning and memory abilities have fascinated people since they began thinking about how their minds work. In discussing his wax... Read more
3,976 words, approx. 14 pages
Memory Search Encoding refers to the content or form in which information is stored in memory; forgetting is loss of the stored information with the passage of time or with exposure to interfering mat... Read more
1,648 words, approx. 6 pages
Memory Span The term memory span refers to the maximum length of a sequence of items that can be reproduced from memory following a single presentation. Scientists have been interested in memory span ... Read more
1,725 words, approx. 6 pages
Natural Settings, Memory In The study of memory as it is used in natural settings is now an accepted part of the scientific study of memory, engaging the attention of many researchers. This is a relat... Read more
1,989 words, approx. 7 pages
Pharmacological Treatment of Memory Deficits Everyone experiences occasional memory lapses, which are often termed senior moments by those older than they care to be. While a frequent source of compla... Read more
2,235 words, approx. 8 pages
Reconstructive Memory Subjectively, memory feels like a camera that faithfully records and replays details of our past. In fact, memory is a reconstructive process prone to systematic biases and error... Read more
1,317 words, approx. 5 pages
Memory The abilities to recall what has been experienced or learned. Memory refers to the abilities to store and retrieve information for later use. How memories are stored and then recalled is not fu... Read more
4,810 words, approx. 17 pages
Memory Remembering is one of the most characteristic and most puzzling of human activities. In particular, personal memory—the ability mentally to travel back into the past, as leading psycholo... Read more
190 words, approx. 1 pages
Metamemory High-level memory skill defined as the ability to remember to remember. Memory development is one aspect of a child's cognitive development. Memory skills, such as grouping similar b... Read more
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