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Careers in Space Medicine Outer space has a very different environment from that of Earth. The atmosphere, radiation, and gravity levels are so drastically varied that several adjustments are made to ... Read more
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Medicine Traditionally, space medicine has tackled medical problems associated with the space environment. Increasingly, however, space medicine also encompasses research conducted aboard space statio... Read more
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Theory and Experiment Redefine Medical Practice and Philosophy Overview In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries there was considerable debate among physicians about the appropriate philosophical ba... Read more
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Overview: Medicine 1800-1899 Despite the exciting advances that took place in science and medicine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was only in the nineteenth century that medicine itse... Read more
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Overview: Medicine 1900-1949 Overview The twentieth century was a period of rapid scientific development and unprecedented progress in the biomedical sciences. During the first half of the twentieth c... Read more
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The Impact of Radioactivity on Medicine Between 1900 and 1949 Overview In 1896 Antoine Henri Becquerel (1852-1908), a professor at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France, discovered radioactivity in... Read more
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Overview: Medicine 1950-Present During the twentieth century, medical theory and practice underwent more profound changes than in all of the years since the time of Hippocrates (460?-377? B.C.). Since... Read more
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Medicine and Women: 1950-Present Overview Since the 1950s, women's preventative medicine and health care have greatly improved in the developed world, particularly through the availability of n... Read more
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“Today, there is no better nation in which to become sick than the United States.” —Doug Bandow “Yes, as we’re often told, American medicine is the best in the world. .... Read more