Master of Fiends Summary
Douglas Hill

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Master of Fiends Summary

In Master of Fiends Hill creates a suspenseful and engaging fantasy that also addresses the issues of growing from childhood to maturity. The hero, Jarral, fights with the aid of his friends to rescue the good wizard Cryltaur Tabbetang from a horde of demons who rule the world in which he lives. While the weirdly grotesque monsters and magic spells may remind readers of a Dungeons and Dragons game, Hill also explores several issues that are traditional in "coming of age" tales: personal courage, the importance of friendship, and the ability to confront fear and death. While the events of the story are magical and improbable, the humanity of the characters with their virtues and faults, hopes and fears, keeps the tale believable.

Like many fantasy writers, Hill also uses his story to talk about the nature of cruelty, evil, and tyranny in the real world. Great courage...

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