Master Rosalind Summary
John Louis Beatty and Patricia Beatty

Everything you need to understand or teach Master Rosalind by John Louis Beatty and Patricia Beatty.

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Master Rosalind Summary

Master Rosalind is about growing up and learning to recognize the complexities of the world. Through her adventures in London, Rosalind, the heroine of the story, learns that what seems to be the truth may not be the actual truth, that good people are not always entirely good, and that bad people are not always entirely bad. As she learns that people are not always what they appear to be, Rosalind begins to grow up.

Master Rosalind brings to life a time in the distant past. Set in the last years of the reign of England's Queen Elizabeth I, the book focuses on the common people who lived far from the glory of the court. In addition, many historical figures—such as the writers William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson—appear in the book as realistic characters. The reader is swept along by a fast-paced story and...

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