Martian Time-Slip Summary
Philip K. Dick

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Martian Time-Slip Summary

n many ways Martian Time-Slip is Dick's most subversive, both of the conventions of science fiction and ultimately of what man takes to be reality.

Set on a future Mars which is in the process of being colonized by Earth, it seemingly follows all of the science fiction notions about the red planet.

Mars is mostly a desert with the colonists (mainly American whites) managing to eke out a living near the old canals which still have some water.

Besides being studded with UN colonies, it is also traversed by the last wandering representatives of the native civilization, the Bleekmen. Mars is presumably a frontier civilization and should embody the values of the American frontier (it is billed in Earth propaganda as "Earth's future"). In reality it is being exploited in the worst way by land speculators and is being used as a dumping...

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