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Marriage a la Mode Summary
Katherine Mansfield

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Marriage a la Mode Summary


"Marriage á la Mode," published in 1921 as part of the collection The Garden Party, and Other Stories, was the last of Katherine Mansfield's stories dealing with the shallow London bohemian art world, a world which Mansfield knew all too well. The story has often been compared to the better-known "Bliss," published the previous year. Like its predecessor, "Marriage á la Mode" satirizes the shallow denizens of the art circles, while presenting an unfolding (apparently irretrievable) domestic drama.

In "Marriage á la Mode," Mansfield creates a world ruled by parasitic, immature, and unful- filled adults. Both the characters themselves and Mansfield's choice of imagery convey the essential hollowness of these people's lives. Every detail in the story adds to this impression, from a strawberry bonnet to conversational quirks. Again, Mansfield demonstrates her talent for keen characterization and subtle observation.

Mansfield also delves into the psychology of her main protagonists&mdash...

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