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Many Lives, Many Masters Summary
Brian L. Weiss

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Many Lives, Many Masters Summary

Plot Summary

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. relates the author's discovery of past life therapy in the course of treating a young psychiatric patient named Catherine. Weiss taps into Catherine's past lives through hypnosis. In first-person voice, Weiss recounts hypnotic sessions during which Catherine vividly details cultures, geography and centuries she has not experienced, learned or imagined in her waking state.

Catherine is a twenty-seven-year-old technician at a Miami University hospital where Weiss heads as chief of psychiatry. Mutual friends encourage her to make an appointment with Weiss. When she comes to his office, a range of phobias plague her and Weiss describes her as emotionally depressed.

At various stages Weiss provides details of his background. He is married with two children and has had academic and professional success since childhood. He preludes the remarkable events that compelled him to write this book citing accomplishments...

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