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Mama's Bank Account Summary
Kathryn Forbes

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Mama's Bank Account Summary

Plot Summary

MAMA'S BANK ACCOUNT is the story of an immigrant Norwegian family living in San Francisco in the 1920s, told as a series of recollections from one of the daughters. Though they are poor and struggling, the mother of the family, Mama, never fails to get the family through difficulties with her simple values and wisdom.

The novel proceeds through various episodes in which the family encounters a problem. In one episode, the family must scrounge up enough money to put the oldest boy, Nels, through high school. While some children may have become insecure or worried about money and where it might come from in a poor family, Mama has the wisdom to create a fictional bank account in order to assuage such concerns. The children always felt secure, even in times of extreme poverty because they thought plenty of money existed for them elsewhere. This kind of...

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