Makra Choria Summary
Ardath Mayhar

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Makra Choria Summary

Makra Choria combines elements of the traditional fairy tale (good versus evil, use of superhuman powers, and a love story involving the protagonist) with elements of the initiation novel (development of physical prowess, gaining of wisdom, and establishment of ethical values). Initially, the Makralo or ruler of the city of Sherath is Orinath, the father of (Makra) Choria and her older sister (Makra) Theora, who is next in line for the throne (to become Makrala). Although Orinath governs wisely, cruelty and ambition are also hereditary traits of the Makraitis; in fact, Orinath succeeded to the throne when his brother—realizing that he could no longer withstand the temptation to abuse his power—committed suicide. Seeing a similar tendency in the infant Theora, Orinath's wife attempted, but failed, to murder the baby; about a year and a half later, she bore a second daughter and, on her...

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