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Magician, Master Summary
Raymond E. Feist

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Magician, Master Summary

Plot Summary

The story opens with Pug and Laurie working in the swamp where they are slaves to the Tsurani. Pug is from the land called Midkemia. The story is about the war between Tsuranuanni Empire and the Midkemian Kingdom and how it was brought to an end.

Pug and Laurie are brought into a plot to end the war by a Tsurani family. While under their ownership a Tsurani magician finds Pug and takes him to be trained to be what the Tsurani call a Great One. In the mean time Thomas is with the Elf Queen, Aglaranna. She and the others in her kingdom are worried that Thomas will soon become a very dangerous threat. Thomas was childhood friends with Pug but hasn't seen him since he was captured by the Tsurani. Thomas was given a gift by a dragon when he was a child. It is armor...

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