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Magic or Madness Summary
Justine Larbalestier

Everything you need to understand or teach Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier.

  • Magic or Madness Summary & Study Guide

Magic or Madness Summary

Plot Summary

When Reason's mother Sarafina goes mad and tries to kill herself, Reason is sent to stay with her grandmother Esmeralda. Sarafina has told Reason stories about how Esmeralda thinks she is a witch and so carries out horrible rituals such as animal sacrifice. When Reason digs up Sarafina's dead cat in the cellar, she realizes this must be true. She runs away, but when she walks through the back door she is suddenly in New York. Reason now knows magic is real. A girl called Jay-Tee befriends her, but Reason's grandfather Jason Blake is trying to steal their magic. Reason and Jay-Tee run away, but they are soon found by Esmeralda, who saves them from Jason Blake. Jay-Tee and Reason decide to give Esmeralda a chance, and she begins to teach them about magic. Reason is still unsure who she can trust, however.

Reason and her mother Sarafina...

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