Magic Hour Summary
Susan Isaacs

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Magic Hour Summary

The external plot of Magic Hour involves solving a murder, but the internal plot interwoven with it is a love story.

The love story carries the major theme.

"Follow your heart" is an unexceptional theme for love stories, but in Steve Brady's case, it is more a matter of "Follow your obsession." As he investigates the murder, the evidence against Bonnie Bernstein Spencer, the mogul's ex-wife, piles up. At the same time, Steve is becoming obsessed with her, not in the classic way of a detective obsessed with trapping his prey, but in the woozy way of a man falling in love against all logic.

When the police are ready to take her in, he cannot stand it. He hides her.

It is a stupid and impulsive act by normal standards. In his past, following his impulses has led to destructive behavior.

Steve himself is half convinced of...

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