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Nutting, Alissa

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Made For Love Overview

Alissa Nutting’s Made for Love opens as protagonist Hazel leaves her husband to move into her elderly, sex-doll obsessed father’s trailer in Florida. Hazel’s marriage is far from a clean break; her tech mogul husband Byron, founder of Gogol Industries, is hot on her trail, urging her to have a chip implanted in her brain that will grant him access to all her thoughts. To escape him, Hazel must rely on help from a misfit band of outsiders, including Liver, a kind-hearted alcoholic outlaw, and Jasper, a conman whose life has taken a strange turn after an encounter with a dolphin. Hazel’s perilous, often bizarre journey forces her to confront the mistakes of her past and her greatest fears. Made for Love is an antic thriller with sci-fi elements that deals with themes of technology, fame culture, alienation, companionship, guilt, and redemption.

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