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Lunch Poems Summary
Frank O'Hara

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Lunch Poems Summary


Frank O'Haraappears in All poems

Lunch Poems is a collection of autobiographical poems, and as such the poet Frank O'Hara is its protagonist. All poems are told in the first person from O'Hara's point of view. His words reflect his sensibilities.

O'Hara was born and grew up in Baltimore. In Galanta, he describes his relationship with Sally, with whom he had his first sexual experience. Little is revealed about the period between then and the time of the first poem, when O'Hara is in his mid-thirties. In this time, however, the poet has discovered his homosexuality.

Frank O'Hara lives in Greenwich Village during the period of the collection (1953-1964). He is part of a coterie of artists, writers, and intellectuals that includes the playwright LeRoi Jones. O'Hara is a neurotic who detests the inanity of modern life and worries that he is a failure. In For the Chinese...

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