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Doris Lessing

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Love, Again Summary

Love, Again is really a story within a story. Although it concerns itself mainly with Sarah's unacceptable passion for two younger men, the framework of the novel's action is the production of a biographical play that Sarah has written with Stephen Ellington-Smith, Julie Vairon. (Though Julie is treated like an actual historic figure for the purposes of the novel, she is in fact an invention, a fictional character.) The Julie of Sarah's play was born of mixed-race parentage in Martinique in the late nineteenth century and lived in France until her suicide in mid-life. She is celebrated as much for her several forbidden, tempestuous love affairs with high-born men as she is for her poems, journals, paintings and musical compositions. A prodigiously talented young woman, she defied convention by insisting on independent living, falling into despair only when she felt respectability closing in on her.

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