Lives of the Monster Dogs Summary
Kirsten Bakis

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Lives of the Monster Dogs Summary

Lives of the Monster Dogs intertwines three rather melancholy thematic concerns. First, the book suggests that loss and the pain of anticipating loss are intrinsic to the human condition. Second, the protagonists are frustrated and saddened by the fact that both personal relationships and the study of history are impaired by our imperfect memories, which fail to retain nuances of feeling and sensory input. Third, Lives of theMonster Dogs suggests that historians must seek the truth of past events by becoming novelists. Because our memories erode and because historical documentation is fragmentary, historians, even those concerned with the recent past, approach the truth only through imaginative extrapolation.

The two narrators and protagonists, Cleo and Ludwig, both have experienced devastating losses and anticipate losses in the future. Before the dogs arrive in New York, Cleo is so heartbroken by the end of a relationship with a live-in boyfriend that...

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