Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel Summary
George Saunders

Everything you need to understand or teach Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.

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Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel Overview

Lincoln in the Bardo is a historical novel set in 1862, shortly after the death of Abraham Lincoln’s son, Willie Lincoln. Most of the novel takes place in the bardo, which is an intermediate metaphysical space between life and the afterlife. Willie Lincoln arrives in the bardo after his death from typhoid fever at the age of 11. He is greeted by other occupants of the bardo who have been buried in the same cemetery as him. The novel gives information about Abraham Lincoln and the life and death of Willie with the use of historical entries, some of which are real, and some of which are invented by the author. The novel resolves when Willie passes on to the final stage of the afterlife, followed by many people in the bardo, and Abraham Lincoln overcomes his paralyzing grief for the death of his son.

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