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Libra Summary
Don Delillo

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Libra Summary

Plot Summary

Libra by Don Delillo is a fictional analysis of a conspiracy behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In this novel, the author suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald, a confused and aimless young man, is a pawn of three CIA agents disgruntled over the bungled invasion at the Bay of Pigs. Oswald, whose disruptive childhood and devotion to Communism make him appear to be disgruntled against the American government, is chosen to be a patsy in a plot to make it seem as though Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, is scheming to kill Kennedy. Even the conspirators do not know that Kennedy is to die on that fateful day in Dallas, Texas and Oswald does not know he is not the single shooter until he sees the assassination of a president through his rifle scope. Libra is a complicated look at an often analyzed event that gives readers a...

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