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Leviathan Summary
Thomas Hobbes

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Leviathan Summary

Plot Summary

The Leviathan is Hobbes' premiere political philosophical work. It states that people are naturally concerned with themselves and with attaining power. While there are laws of nature that can help people live harmoniously, there is not a natural enforcing mechanism for them. Therefore, those that choose to follow them run the risk of being violated or abused by people that do not follow the rules. The only way people can live peacefully together and avoid complete chaos in nature is to voluntarily give up part of their freedom and live under the power of a sovereign, or leader, in a commonwealth. Hobbes explains the mental and social processes people go through when choosing a sovereign and the additional benefits gained by signing away part of their freedom.

Once people enter into the covenant, or contract, of a commonwealth, they are subjected to the laws their sovereign makes. The...

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