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Leukemia Definition Leukemia (pronounced loo-KEE-mee-uh) is a form of cancer (see cancer entry) in which the body produces too many white blood cells. Many forms of leukemia have been identified. They... Read more
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Leukemia The abnormal proliferation of white blood cells causes a type of cancer known as leukemia. Leukemia is primarily caused by chromosomal instability, which leads to the transfer of genes from o... Read more
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Leukemias Leukemia is a cancer that starts in the organs that make blood, namely the bone marrow and the lymph system. Depending on their characteristics, leukemias can be divided into two broad types... Read more
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Leukemia Leukemia is a disease of the blood-forming organs. Primary tumors are found in the bone marrow and lymphoid tissues, specifically the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. The characteristic common... Read more
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Leukemia A set of related cancers that form in the bone marrow and other blood-producing organs. Leukemia is named after the leukocytes, white blood cells which mutate before maturity and become cance... Read more