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Legends of the Fall Summary
Jim Harrison

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Legends of the Fall Summary

Plot Summary

Legends of the Fall by Jim Harrison is a collection of three short novels, including Revenge, The Man Who Gave Up His Name, and Legends of the Fall. In Revenge, two lovers face the consequences for their illicit affair. The Man Who Gave Up His Name is a short portrait of a man who grows unsatisfied with his flat life as a rich oil businessman and seeks to redefine himself. Legends of the Fall follows a family's tragedies.

Revenge begins after a rich husband, Tibey, finds out about his wife's affair. Tibey attempts to warn and bribe his tennis associate Cochran, but Cochran is so full of love for Miryea that he fails to recognize or respond to the warnings. Tibey beats Cochran badly, and leaves him on the road for dead. Tibey also takes revenge on his cheating wife. He keeps Miryea on heroin at a whorehouse...

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