Legend Days Summary
Jamake Highwater

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Legend Days Summary

The title Legend Days is Highwater's synonym for Native American culture and beliefs. At the beginning of this novel, the "legend days" and the traditions that they represent are held in sacred trust by the Native Americans.

Amana and her people believe in the omens, stories, animals, visions, songs, and signs of nature. All of these are important to the traditional cycle of life on the plains.

Then the white man comes and brings death in the form of smallpox and tuberculosis. He kills the buffalo and this brings death in the form of starvation. In his religion, the white man sees something that is better than the myths held by the native peoples and he replaces the traditional beliefs with his own. Finally, in his "welfare" system on the reservation, the white man believes that he is taking care of the native peoples in a way that...

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