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Lead Lead (Pb) is a relatively common element in Earth crustal materials. Lead is a heavy, soft metal that is a solid at normal atmospheric and crustal pressures. Lead is reactive with oxygen and tarn... Read more
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Lead Lead is the heaviest element in Group 14 of the periodic table, a group often known as the carbon family. Lead has an atomic number of 82, and atomic mass of 207.2, and a chemical symbol of Pb. P... Read more
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Lead Lead is a metal element denoted by the atomic number 82. Its atomic symbol, Pb, comes from the Latin word plumbum. It is a very soft, highly malleable metal with a bluish-white sheen that tarnish... Read more
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Lead One of the oldest metals known to humans, lead compounds were used by Egyptians to glaze pottery as far back as 7000 B.C. The toxic effects of lead also have been known for many centuries. In fac... Read more
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Lead Management Lead, a naturally occurring bluish gray metal, is extensively used throughout the world in the manufacture of storage batteries, chemicals including paint and gasoline, and various met... Read more
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Lead Symbol Pb Atomic Number 82 Atomic Mass 207.2 Family Group 14 (Iva) Carbon Pronunciation LED Overview Lead is the heaviest member of the carbon family. The carbon family consists of the five elem... Read more
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Lead Lead (symbol Pb, atomic number 82) is a soft, dense, bluish-gray metal that melts at the relatively low temperature of 328°C (662°F). It has many beneficial uses in compounds as wel... Read more
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