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Aravind Adiga

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Last Man in Tower Overview

Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga is the story of two men's clash over a small flat in a dilapidated building in Mumbai, India. Dharman Shah, a ruthless and wealthy developer, seeks to buy and subsequently tear down the Vishram Society Towers, a housing complex that has seen better days in order to build a luxury high rise known as The Shanghai. Almost everyone in the building is thrilled with the extremely generous compensation Shah offers, nearly $330,000 per family, but Yogesh Murthy, a retired school teacher known as Masterji, rejects the offer outright. As the acceptance deadline nears, neighbors and long-time friends move from gentle persuasion to vicious and unthinkable acts in order to deal with the stubborn Masterji and assure that they get their piece of the pie. The novel provides an in-depth look at the human heart affected by greed and the powerful hold the past has on a man's will.

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