Lake News Summary
Barbara Delinsky

Everything you need to understand or teach Lake News by Barbara Delinsky.

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Lake News Summary

There are a significant number of related themes running through this novel—issues of trust, integrity, communication, a quest for justice, the value of community—virtually all of which are more or less broadly hinted at in the first few pages describing idyllic Lake Henry.

Two loons have nested and produced offspring in the sheltered cove of an island on the lake, and this wildlife family serves to foreshadow and enlighten by contrast the human story to follow. They and the reformed newspaperman hero have, over the summer months, gradually established a wary relationship. The outsider has been made welcome only so long as he "kept his distance and respected their space." These birds keep to themselves and, at the slightest sign of predatory behavior, will take flight or fight to protect their own. Unlike man, however, the loon is never willfully aggressive: it "harmed others...

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