Lady of the Trillium Summary
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Lady of the Trillium Summary

The search for balance in the personal, the social, and the natural worlds is realized in the novel's controlling theme of growing up — initiation, and education. The children Mikayla and Fiolon, innocent but adventurous, are spirited away by Haramis to be trained in magic and specialized knowledge, including traditional magic such as visioning, weather magic, and illusions, but also venturing on their own into the secrets of the ancient technological contraptions left in the tower by Orogastus, the evil magician-scientist Haramis defeated by Haramis long ago. They communicate with magical spheres, multimedia-type screens which allow them to speak at distances and call up faraway places in a solar-powered magic mirror, which functions somewhat like the computer screen in a game of Myst, but their ultimate goal is to develop the "land sense," a mental and emotional bond by which the Archimage becomes one with the land.


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