Lady of Avalon Summary
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Lady of Avalon Summary

This second novel in Marion Zimmer Bradley's line of precursors to the Arthurian saga of The Mists of Avalon is set in the Romanized Britain of the first until the fifth centuries A.D., ending with the birth of Igraine, mother of Morgaine of the Faeries and of Arthur. Poised at the end of the narrative to become the next High Priestess of Avalon, their older sibling Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, becomes guardian to the infant Morgause, her sister, after the deaths of her own child and her mother, Ana.

Viviane and Merlin, the transformed Taliesin, have as their mission to preserve the Goddess-lore, including keepership of the Holy Grail, on Avalon until the advent of the Sacred King, Arthur, who will, supposedly, route the Saxons and restore the old ways. Throughout these centuries a succession of Arthur's precursors, from Pendragons such...

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