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Knowledge of Angels Summary
Jill Paton Walsh

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Knowledge of Angels Summary

Plot Summary

Knowledge of Angels traces the stories of two outsiders, who change the medieval Mediterranean island of Grandinsula forever. The outsiders are discovered at about the same time. Their fates are intertwined, but they never meet. The novel is set in the time of the religious intolerance of the Spanish Inquisition, and the island is deeply affected by an Inquisitor, who comes to the island to flush out heretics.

Shepherds and local ice dealers discover Amara, a child who has been raised by wolves, high in the Grandinsulan mountains. She is wild and savage, and the men almost kill her before Jaime, a shepherd, realizes that she is a child. Jaime feels responsible for Amara, and eventually takes her to Severo, the island's Prince and Cardinal. Jaime is gravely concerned that the child is not baptized.

Meanwhile, a beautiful swimmer is found off the shore of a small fishing...

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