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Kingdom Come Summary
Mark Waid

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Kingdom Come Summary

Plot Summary

The world is in terrible shape after falling into the hands of a new breed of super heroes. Unlike the old super heroes, these skip the justice system all together and kill their adversaries. When most of those adversaries are gone, there is no one left for them to fight but each other. Innocent people begin losing their lives and that is when the old supers decide to step in.

Pastor Norman McCay hears prophesies of Armageddon given by an old man, Wesley Dodd. Norman thinks Wesley is nuts, but soon finds out after his death that he was not insane. Since Wesley shared all the visions of doom with Norman, the Spectre pays Norman a visit. The Spectre needs to know Wesley's visions so he can pass judgment on whomever is responsible for Armageddon.

Norman and the Spectre invisibly travel in and out of various time frames...

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