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King Arthur has always been known as the strong, wise leader. Everyone believes that through all the chaos with Lancelot and Guenever, he's the one that could pull everything together and make peace. ... Read more
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One ring to rule them all, One ring to help him, One ring to defeat them all. In the land of Rivendale Where Gandalf ruled supreme. At last after the battle as Gandalf lay wounded, his brave hobb... Read more
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What is a hero? A hero is a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. Some attributes of a hero include an unusual circumstance of birth, an ev... Read more
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Heroes have been dominant characters who sacrifice themselves for others in order to teach a lesson. The major theme is the triumph of goodness over evil. Beowulf and King Arthur, the epic heroes ... Read more
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Imagine being a king or queen in the Middle Ages. What would it be like? What would it be like to be a peasant? Times were different then. The Middle Ages had a very different code of conduct t... Read more
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The Arthurian legend is widely characterized by being full of quests. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Knight Life by Peter David, are both novels based on the Arthurian Legend. The M... Read more
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King Arthur By Frank Thompson,,« Synopsis Sarmartian knights have been forced to fight for the Roman Empire for 15 years. This obligation was due to the fact that their forefathers had died in ... Read more
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Leaders of Government Was it the wicked leaders who led innocent populations to slaughter, or was it wicked populations who whose leaders after their own hearts? --T.H. White, The Once and Future ... Read more