Kent Family Chronicles Summary
John Jakes

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Kent Family Chronicles Summary

Foremost among Jakes's themes are freedom and independence not only for the individual person, but for the new country as well. The reflection of the fulfillment of one's own destiny, the constant search for liberation, and the pursuit of the American Dream intertwine as the characters work for personal emancipation and join the struggle for the establishment and expansion of the United States of America. In The Bastard, Kent seeks his place in life and is faced with the conflict of whether to adhere to the aristocracy of his father and the dream of his mother or to reaffirm his own values. Kent decides to leave for America and joins the revolt against the British oppression.

Judson, in The Rebels, strives for his independence and breaks away from his father's bond. Abraham Kent in The Seekers resists what his father wants for him and follows his own dictates...

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