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Karate-Do: My Way of Life Summary
Gichin Funakoshi

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Karate-Do: My Way of Life Summary

Plot Summary

This non-fiction book, with a Copyright date of 1975, takes place over the life of the author from 1868 to 1957 and is an autobiographical sketch of his life. Gichin Funakoshi is a karate master and scholar of the Chinese classics. He is born in Shuri, Okinawa and dies in Tokyo, Japan at the age of ninety years. Gichin devotes his whole life to the practice, development and promotion of Karate-do. He lives a life of moderation and physical discipline to maintain and develop his career, personality and skills. He is not a rich man and lives simply without extravagance. However, he is wealthy in wisdom and personal spirituality. He has a strong and well-developed physical presence even as a ninety-year old man. He is married but lives apart from his wife for much of their life from a mutual understanding and devotion to their individual pursuits. She is a devout...

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