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Qabbalah QABBALAH. The term Qabbalah is derived from the Hebrew root qbl, which means "to receive"; in early medieval texts, qabbalah commonly signified "reception," namely... Read more
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Sefer Yetsirah SEFER YETSIRAH (Book of creation) is an ancient Jewish cosmogonical and cosmological treatise that forms part of the literature of Qabbalah; falsely attributed to Abraham the patriarch ... Read more
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Kabbalah [addendum] Medieval Jewish philosophy contributed considerably to the mystical branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah. This movement is generally regarded as having its origins in twelfth and th... Read more
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Kabbalah Kabbalah (literally "tradition") is used both as a general name for Jewish mysticism and as the specific designation for its major medieval variety. Mystical awareness is to be ... Read more
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