Julie's Summer Summary
Crystal Thrasher

Everything you need to understand or teach Julie's Summer by Crystal Thrasher.

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Julie's Summer Summary

Julie's Summer portrays Julie Robinson, a young girl with definite opinions about life, struggling for personal and economic independence in a small community that seems to be ruled by an unwritten code of conduct and gossip. She stays behind to finish her senior year of high school when her parents leave the hills of Greene County in southern Indiana. Julie stays in a spare room at the back of Maud Arthur's dress shop where she works part-time for her room and board. Her life soon becomes a grim routine when the proprietor of the dress shop, Maud Arthur, puts a stop to visits by Floyd Perry, a childhood friend. Julie is determined to abide by Maud's strict rules because a high school diploma will help fulfill her dream of going to college and becoming a teacher. Then Chance Cooper, a young man working with the electric company to...

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