Joey's Case Summary
Carl Kosak

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Joey's Case Summary

The characters in Joey's Case may be divided into those present in earlier books and those newly introduced. In Joey's Case the usual nonsuspects are rounded up: the lawyer Mo Valcanas, the priest Father Marrazo, the barkeeper Dom Muscotti, Balzic's mother and his wife Ruth, and secondary figures, such as Police Sgt. Stramsky and the drunk Iron City Steve. While part of the interest in a series normally comes from finding out more about the recurrent characters, in this work there is little new material presented about most of the old faces. They serve their usual functions of reflecting the theme, helping the plot, and providing depth of "local color." For example, Mo Valcanas serves once again as a kind of Greek chorus-character, broadening the book's thematic aspects, especially when he tells the story of a client, a woman who wants a divorce.

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