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Jesus' Son: Stories Summary
Denis Johnson

Everything you need to understand or teach Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson.

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Jesus' Son: Stories Summary


The Narratorappears in All Stories

In the collection as a whole, and in the individual stories, there is very little information about who is speaking. Some things seem very clear - that all the stories are being told by the same person, that that person is male, that he is a heavy drug user, that he's relatively young (in his early twenties) and that he is less than successful at sustaining relationships with women. Other than that, there are very few details - little or no sense of childhood background, of the forces that shaped and/or defined him (and in particular his drug use), or of the forces that have apparently moved him away from drug use and into a clearer mindset. He is, for example, never referred to by name. He is occasionally referred to by his nickname, Fuckhead, a derogatory epithet that, in the minds...

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