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Island of the Three Marias Summary
Alberto Rios

Everything you need to understand or teach Island of the Three Marias by Alberto Rios.

  • Island of the Three Marias Summary & Study Guide

Island of the Three Marias Summary


Although "Island of the Three Marias" refers to a real geographic place, the poem draws on the literary tradition of islands as locales of the exotic and the fantastic. Umberto Eco's Island of the Day Before and H. G. Wells' Island of Dr. Moreau are two well-known examples in this tradition. Ríos' poem appears in the second section of his 1985 collection, Five Indiscretions. The collection as a whole addresses themes of gender, sexuality, and desire, and the section in which "Island of the Three Marias" appears deals with representations of masculinity and martyrdom. The poem, consisting of six free verse stanzas—alternating quatrains and longer stanzas—presents brief descriptions about three men who live on one of Las Islas Marias (The Mary Islands), a group of four islands that are ninety miles off the southwestern coast of Mazatlán,Mexico. Although readers are not explicitly told...

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