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Is it Canada's battle or is it America's? Who is in the position to say what Canada should do, but Canada themselves? Prime Minister, Jean Chretien made his decision on Monday March 18, 2003, that Can... Read more
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Johnny, we shouldn't have gone to war in Iraq. Our involvement against Iraq was so clear and obvious, we had no involvement. Now, it's too late, not only has an Australian cameraman perished, innoce... Read more
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A Just War" In the past few months many people of opposite opinions have tried to defend or oppose the war. However, not many of them have done so on an intellectual level, instead they choose to m... Read more
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Natasha Biletnikoff Research Paper Composition II In 1991 President George Bush sent U.S. troops to Kuwait to force out Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his troops who were trying to take ov... Read more
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War on Iraq, Yes or No" Lately there has been a big dispute on whether we should go to war with Iraq or not. I will to describe why we should and should not. Please keep an open mind to both side... Read more
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Throughout the past year, many have questioned President Bush's policy towards invading Iraq. Even though Bush has repeatedly claimed that Iraq posses weapons of mass destruction and harbors terrori... Read more
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In the Editorial section of the Los Angeles Times Newspaper of Wednesday October 9, 2002, there is an article, The War Debate, Giving two opposite opinions of whether we should declare war on Saddam H... Read more
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"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies" - Winston Churchill. Ideally, the media has a responsibility of making sure that it doesn't happen. The media play... Read more
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There is much questioning on the ground on which the war was declared. Was there any apparent reason for Bush to be concerned about Saddam Hussein? Americans declare that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant, w... Read more
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For a long time Iraq has suffered, disease, poverty, crime but as if that was not enough there was a dictator, someone who's job was to oppress the people, use their money and throghout history mak... Read more
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The current state of affairs with Iraq could not be more dismal. With conflict on the brink and emotions escalating there has never been a time when reason and intelligence has been needed more tha... Read more
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Throughout this past year, we have been fighting a war against Iraq. I don't believe that we have troops there for a good reason. People throughout the Middle-East now believe that we are all domine... Read more
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"Never has there been a good war or a bad peace." -Benjamin Franklin Much has been made about Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D.) in the recent past, mainly involving North Korea and Iraq. It ... Read more
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Should the United States military still be in Iraq? Many, including leaders of Iraq's neighboring countries, believe we have done what we went to do and now we should leave. President Bush's milita... Read more
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The war is about the oil, Bush's personal issues and also based on what President Bush told his country. He stated that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction when Iraq did not. The war in Iraq i... Read more
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In the election year of 2004, one of the key topics of debate has been the Iraq War of 2003. Iraq in the last twenty years has been a concern of the United States in an extremely volatile part of th... Read more
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War, a touchy subject to discuss, much less figure out results of, in my opinion, has proved inevitable in the current situation with Iraq. As history has shown us, war effects the economy in strange... Read more
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Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division is a leader doing what a leader is required to do; to lead and protect those in which he leads. LTC West was charged with ... Read more
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There are global issues galore! Numerous and famous examples are famishment & poverty, women's rights, Ozone hole, fair trade and terrorism. What I believe is the most important problem that we face t... Read more
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80 people lying in the middle of the street, under "bloody" white sheets. Dripping with "blood" they held their mutilated babies. They screamed murder as they began to be covered and surrounded by "bl... Read more
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For my persuasive essay I have chosen to use the topic of the war in Iraq. I recognize that the topic is primitive and controversial, but it is a good example for this essay. My position is agai... Read more
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The War in Iraq and whether or not it truly has been a just war has been a very popular issue nationally and internationally ever since the war began in March of 2003. The War in Iraq began after the... Read more
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War in Iraq, which was launched by the United States and the United Kingdom on March 20, 2003 and continues to the present, was intended to be a preventative war against terrorism and Weapons... Read more
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Iraq War Viewpoints Every human being is brought up in a different cultural and religious way. Because of this, something that one person may think is right another may think is wrong. The war in Ira... Read more
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While the nation mourns the 2,000th U.S. combat death in Iraq, instead of looking for ways to plan an exit strategy, Congress is finalizing another payment of $50 billion to continue fighting the war.... Read more
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Daniel Tran #32 11/22/05 The War in Iraq The war in Iraq was a bad choice for the United States of America. In recent surveys, fifty-two percent of America says that this war has not even contrib... Read more
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The death toll of our American troops have reached into the thousands, is this war such a great idea? The Bush administration originally told the American public that the war was being fought to captu... Read more
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In the past few years of the Bush presidency, our nation has been told to be fearful-- fearful of another nation that supposedly posed a threat to our great homeland and all Americans' lives. There we... Read more
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Causes of the U.S Led War in Iraq As the world watches closely at the conflict in the Middle East, many different interpretations have come into play concerning the main causes of the U.S led war in ... Read more
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"An American Attack on Iraq Was Not Justified" The 2003 Iraq War lasted less than three weeks. It began in the early morning hours of March 20, when American missiles struck Baghdad. By April 9, U.S... Read more
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"An American Attack on Iraq is Not Justified" was written by John E. Farley in 2002 when congress was considering a resolution to the 9-11 attacks. Farley is a professor of sociology at Southern Illin... Read more