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Iphigenia in Taurus Summary

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Iphigenia in Taurus Summary


To a modern audience, there is very little dramatic intensity in Iphigenia in Taurus. Those who hunger for action, deep emotion, or sharp irony may find this straightforward play "boring." Iphigenia in Taurus seems a strange combination of tragedy and romance because although tragic conditions precede the events of the play and tragic events nearly happen, no one dies or ends in misfortune in this play. The misfortunes plaguing both Orestes and Iphigenia already exist before the play begins and by the end they are freed of their problems with little effort. The characters talk about past or potential traumas, then neatly dismiss or avoid them. All of the dangerous action occurs offstage or outside of the events of the play itself Thus, in addition to its traditional classification as a tragedy, Iphigenia in Taurus has been called a "romantic melodrama."

But the play does meet Artistotle's definition of...

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