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Internet Biologists often use two terms to describe alternative approaches for conducting experiments. "In vitro" (Latin for "in glass") refers to experiments typically car... Read more
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Internet The Internet is a computer network that was designed to interconnect other computer networks. Its origins lie in the ARPANET, an experimental network designed for the U.S. Department of Defen... Read more
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Internet For many people, a good deal of the day is spent online. The ability to send e-mail messages and "surf" the World Wide Web has already become matter-of-fact. But an amazing amou... Read more
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Internet Data, Reliability Of The Internet can be a wonderful resource for all types of information including quantitative data. The Internet is accessible, both for those who want to obtain informati... Read more
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The Internet Explosion Overview In the early 1990s the public had no idea what the Internet was or what it could do. Just a few years later, it had exploded onto computers all over the world, revoluti... Read more
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The Internet The term didn't appear in a major American newspaper until 1988, but the Internet has become the most powerful individual electronic communications network in the world's hi... Read more
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Internet The Internet is a vast network of computers that allows users at various locations to share information and data and communicate with one another. The Internet is comprised of hundreds of mil... Read more
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Internet/Www In 1969, the U.S. Department of Defense conceived of a mechanism to safeguard communications systems in the event of a catastrophe. This mechanism was a small network of computers called ... Read more
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Internet The Internet is a technology and electronic communication system such as the world has never seen before. In fact, some people have said that the Internet is the most important innovation sin... Read more
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Internet The Internet is a curious phenomenon. It's a vast international institution of critical and growing importance, yet in another sense its properties are so evanescent that it's t... Read more
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Internet Emerging from the integration of computer and communications technologies, the Internet is a text- and graphics-based communications system that supports people and organizations in the perfo... Read more
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The Internet The Internet is the world's largest computer network. It is a global information infrastructure comprised of millions of computers organized into hundreds of thousands of smaller, ... Read more
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THE MICROCOMPUTER REVOLUTION of the 1980s brought personal computers to desktops, kitchen tables, and classrooms. The clatter of typewriters was replaced by the click of computer keyboards. Computer t... Read more
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“The Net’s impact—the widespread availability of two- way electronic communications—will change all of our lives.” —Esther Dyson, futurist and author of Release 2.0 ... Read more
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In 1969, the U.S. Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) inaugurated ARPANET, a small network of high-speed supercomputers designed to withstand military attack. The purpose ... Read more