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Integrated Circuits Integrated circuits are electronic devices that contain many transistors, resistors, capacitors, and connecting wires in one package. Integrated circuits, also called ICs or chips,... Read more
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Chip Manufacturing Computer chips are at the heart of the modern technology revolution. But what are they made of and how are they made? They are made primarily of transistors, which act as electrical... Read more
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The Development of Integrated Circuits Makes Possible the Microelectronics Revolution Overview True revolutions in technology are relatively rare. They mark radical departures from one way of life to ... Read more
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Integrated Circuit An integrated circuit (IC) is a device that combines many different types of circuit elements in a single, solid piece of material. "To integrate" means "to bring together into a wh... Read more
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Integrated Circuit The invention of the transistor in 1948 eliminated the need for bulky vacuum tubes in computers and other electronic devices. As other components were also reduced in size, engineer... Read more