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Incident at Hawk's Hill Summary
Allan W. Eckert

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Incident at Hawk's Hill Summary


Incident at Hawk's Hill portrays a less complicated world than that of today.

Evil, characterized by George Burton, and purity, characterized by Benjamin MacDonald, are readily recognizable. In its simplicity, the story itself becomes central. The straightforward plot allows the reader to spend more time absorbing the details of the natural world against which the story unfolds.

Wildlife plays an intricate role in the novel, and anyone who enjoys reading about nature will surely enjoy Incident at Hawk's Hill. Eckert gives readers a fascinating glimpse of the wildlife that populates a small segment of Canada and provides particularly extensive details about badgers.

The author portrays a family with problems that seem insurmountable but turn out not to be. Many a reader will identify with Ben, whose family does not understand him. He is hurt because his father cannot or will not reach out to him. The resolution of the...

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