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Incident at Vichy: A Play Summary
Arthur Miller

Everything you need to understand or teach Incident At Vichy by Arthur Miller.

  • Incident at Vichy: A Play Summary & Study Guide

Incident at Vichy: A Play Summary

Plot Summary

"Incident at Vichy" by Arthur Miller is a one-act play about a group of ten men detained by German officers during World War II upon suspicion of being Jewish. As these men begin to understand why they have been detained, they begin to react with fear and anger, yet none try to escape. "Incident at Vichy" offers a view of why the Nazis were able to perpetrate the Holocaust for so long due to denial and complicity.

After being picked up on the streets of Vichy, France, six men and a young boy wait in a detainment center, wondering why they have been detained. Bayard tries to convince the excitable Lebeau to calm down while Marchand and Monceau insist this is a routine identity check. Still, Lebeau is convinced the Germans will kill them. The Captain of Police, the Professor and two detectives enter with the Old Jew...

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