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In America Summary
Jim Sheridan

Everything you need to understand or teach In America by Jim Sheridan.

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In America Summary

Summary and Analysis

As the film begins, a girl says that there are some things you should wish for and some things you shouldn't. She says that her little brother, Frankie, also told her that she only had three wishes, and she believed him. The audience then sees Christy and her family in the car waiting to go over the border from Canada into America. A young Ariel, Christy's little sister, yells that they are on holiday to the officer and also tells him that her dad is out of work. Another officer asks why they want into America. Christy talks to Frankie, her dead brother, and begs him to help them get across. Finally, the officer talks to the girls and welcomes the family to America. Christy has now used up her first wish.

The family heads to New York City, and Christy is surprised that they...

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