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If Tomorrow Comes Summary
Sidney Sheldon

Everything you need to understand or teach If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon.

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If Tomorrow Comes Summary

Plot Summary

This is a high-octane, sexy thriller that keeps the reader on tip-toe throughout, trying to guess what the next plot twist will be. It is the story of an average American woman, Tracy Whitney, who sets out to avenge her mother's suicide resulting from the loss of her business to con men and criminals in New Orleans. Against seemingly impossible odds, Tracy outwits these career criminals and one by one leads them to their own destruction through clever con games of her own. Her anger sated by these acts of revenge, Tracy is drawn subtly into another world of criminality peopled by hustlers, flim-flam artists, burglars and assorted other human parasites. She finds that she has a real gift for this line of work, and soon becomes one of the most wanted female criminals in the world—a one-woman crime wave who never does physical violence to...

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