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Survival in Auschwitz Summary
Primo Levi

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Survival in Auschwitz Summary

Plot Summary

Primo Levi, the author and subject of the autobiography, was arrested in December, 1943. An anti-Fascist, Italian Jew, he was sent to a prison camp in Italy and then deported to Auschwitz in February, 1944. Levi survived in Auschwitz largely because by 1944, the Nazis had suspended full-effort genocide in preference to enforced convict labor. When the camp was evacuated in January, 1945, Levi remained behind, a victim of Scarlet Fever. After surviving for ten final days in the abandoned and rapidly deteriorating camp, he was liberated by the arriving Soviet Army. After spending several months in a Soviet camp for former concentration camp inmates, Levi eventually returned to his home,Turin, in October of 1945.

Levi was born in Turin, Italy, at the end of July, 1919. He was raised in a liberal, Jewish family and received his education in chemistry from the University of Turin, graduating with honors in 1941. His early education...

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Survival in Auschwitz Study Guide

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