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The Nature of Identity When we think about our identity we often think about the way we look. Such features as hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, height and weight come to mind. Whilst these featu... Read more
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Browsing a magazine with step by step instructions on how to `Be Popular', flipping the page, glossy photos of perfectly airbrushed models tossed upon the eyes. In the back of the mind loom all the ... Read more
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Growing up in New Zealand, English became my third but most used language. I speak it at school and at home. Although I can communicate, I still often make mistakes. I have never experienced labeling... Read more
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It would be fair to say that the will of the majority of human beings is partially to create for themselves, a sense of identity. The desire of the person may be to be recognized as an individual, wit... Read more
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Every person will identify themselves as having some sort of nationality. However, it is the conditions of classes and gender that affect the everyday lives of the individual. If the form of literat... Read more
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