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Identical (novel) Summary
Ellen Hopkins

Everything you need to understand or teach Identical (novel) by Ellen Hopkins.

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Identical Summary

Plot Summary

"Identical" is written from the alternating viewpoint of the twins, Raeanne and Kaeleigh Gardella, with chapters switching between their two perspectives. Their narratives are written in free verse in sometimes jagged shapes of broken hearts or liquor bottles, with the appearance of the text reinforcing the content. Each twin's chapter ends on a left-hand page, while the other twin's chapter begins on a right-hand page. Where the two are juxtaposed, selected words from each are identical, set off from the rest, as if trying to join with the words from the other twin on the opposite page. This technique illustrates the twins' deep connection.

Raeanne and Kaeleigh, are both troubled high school students. Their family had been torn apart years before, when their Daddy drank too much and swerved their car into oncoming traffic. There was a fatality and Mom lost her ability to love. Mom is never...

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